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For over 30 years, ItalProget has been designing and producing original furnishing ideas and innovative technological solutions for the food & beverage market.


Custom Projects

Layout is a partner that can turn your ideas into unique solutions and help you achieve your business project. Layout is a new approach, a new professional figure that accompanies you throughout the concept design and planning stages and helps you create a suitable and consistent visual identity. Layout is the ideal reference for functional and appealing made-to-measure furnishings based on the developed concept.
Layout is the solution to make your idea great.
And your Company too.

Discover all the phases of the project

Step 1. Concept

Your idea becomes a successful project

We’ll start from you and your idea. From your dream. We’ll analyse everything and develop a new concept store that can conquer the market. And we’ll let our thirty-year experience guide us in the development of a winning format.
Market analysis
We assess the economic, technological, and design trends of the reference sector.
Territorial analysis
We monitor local competitors in the area of the new outlet.
Definition of concept store
We give a soul to your new outlet, defining its target audience, style, identity, and tone of voice.
Step 2. Consulting

Layout will guide you step by step

Layout is your most trusted consultant. Based on our experience, we will help you analyse the market and territory and define a realistic financial plan. We will help you find the best suited financing plan and train the personnel so that they can acquire all our know-how.
Feasibility study
We will assess the budget and time requirements based on our experience.
Timeline and checklist
We will schedule the various steps to ensure an efficient and easy to monitor workflow.
Transferring know-how
We will take care of training the personnel so that they can manage the technological systems.
Step 3. Project

An all-around, creative and safe service

Our projects allow you to rationalise costs, integrate design, furnishings, and technology, and create outlets that go beyond fashion and market trends. Our ability to interpret the available space according to your needs allows us to provide unique solutions.
Budget analysis
An accurate assessment of the available resources allows us to optimise the project resources.
Location analysis
The assessment (on-site and as per project) of the available space allows us to understand its limitations and opportunities.
Selecting materials
We identify the materials that best suit the concept, type of establishment, target audience, and territory.
Outlet project
We draft a detailed plan of the outlet project.
Furnishing design
All furnishings are designed with the needs of the store and its customers in mind.
Technology project
Refrigerated display cabinets, hot and cold food displays, semifreddo displays: we ensure technological excellence for any establishment.
Step 4. Marketing

We'll give a strong identity to your business

We believe that the tone of voice of your establishment must be consistent and coherent to address the target audience.This is why we rely on communication professionals to design and create your brand and corporate identity and manage the early steps for advertising the new store.
One-to-one marketing service
We coordinate the communication activities for each outlet, assessing the key aspects and the added value.
Defining the orporate identity
We’ll design a coherent brand and corporate identity that best suits your target, style and territory.
Opening campaigns
We’ll create and plan the ideal advertising campaign to launch your new outlet.
Step 5. Execution

Making your dream outlet come true

Our all-inclusive service facilitates even the last step of the process: start-up. Layout will take care of all the furnishings and technological structures (counters, tables, chairs, refrigerated display cabinets, hot and cold food displays, etc.) to make your new outlet functional and efficient right from the very beginning.
Furnishing production
We coordinate the communication activities for each outlet, assessing the key aspects and the added value.
Technical system production
We’ll design a coherent brand and corporate identity that best suits your target, style and territory.
Store activation and fit-out
Finally, we’ll take care of transporting all the furnishings and technology to your establishment and setting them up.

Do you want to create your new place
with an innovative design and adapted to your needs?


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